Mary L. Quinn and Eugene P Schleh, eds., Consumable Goods II: Papers from the North East Popular Culture Association Meeting, 1987 (Orono, ME: National Poetry Foundation, 1988)


With the fiftieth book in our chronological sequence, we thought to make this archive of titles public, especially since the fiftieth item is a book of poems by Burton Hatlen, our late and much-missed director. The archiving here will continue over the next few months, with covers or title pages and samples of text added to some of the old entries, and with new entries made public at regular intervals. Individual titles will be featured in greater depth at the NPF’s main blog, as this unfolding catalogue is meant as a reference point only, a place on the web to list all the people and all the works that have made the NPF what it is today.

The early history of the NPF is a little obscure in places, and since the first of the NPF books were in fact published by the University of Maine Press and others were collaborations, we are not entirely sure that our list is complete. We compiled it from old NPF catalogues and old inventory lists, and from a few keyword searches at the Library of Congress. Corrections of any sort are welcome.

The “catalogue” tab at the top of this page gives the complete list of titles, including a forthcoming title in the EP Scholarship Series. Out of print items are marked “op,” but everything else is still available for sale, and orders are not only welcome but needed to keep the NPF going. So please do think of purchasing something from our backlist!

Burton Hatlen, I Wanted to Tell You (Orono, ME: National Poetry Foundation, 1988)

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The Marrano: Poems by Barry Goldensohn, Monoprints by Douglas Kinsey (Orono, ME: The National Poetry Foundation, 1988)

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Thomas Parkinson, Poems: New and Selected (Orono, ME: National Poetry Foundation, 1988)

Coyote’s Journal #11 (1987) Co-published by Coyote Books and The National Poetry Foundation

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David K. Vaughan, ed., Consumable Goods: Papers from the North East Popular Culture Association Meeting, 1986 (Orono, ME: National Poetry Foundation, 1987)